Clinics and Services




Regulated Activities under CQC

  • Treatment of disease, disorder or Injury
  • Diagnostic and screening procedures
  • Maternity and midwifery services
  • Surgical procedures
  • Family Planning

Management of Chronic Disease

This encompasses a wide range of conditions which require long term treatment and care. Our priority is to ensure this care is on-going and appropriate; to this end we shall endeavour to review patients’ medication on an annual basis. Diabetic, Stroke, CHD and respiratory clinics are regularly held throughout the year and the practice employs a Diabetic Specialist Nurse who holds weekly clinics by appointment


General Nursing Care

The nursing team provides contraceptive services, smoking cessation advice, blood pressure monitoring and travel advice; they also perform vaccination and smear tests.


Maternity Services

Antenatal and post-natal care is provided by the doctors in conjunction with the community midwife. A midwife led antenatal clinic is held each Tuesday and Wednesday at the Bridge House premises. 


Cervical Screening

Cervical smears are recommended at least every three years for women aged between 25- 65 years of age who have not had a hysterectomy. 


Child Health Surveillance

Baby clinics are by appointment at the surgery with a GP. This involves the baby having an 8 week check and an appointment is also booked for the baby to see a practice nurse soon after for their first immunisations.


Minor Surgery

Minor surgery clinics are held most weeks. Our GPs will undertake minor excisions and also carry out joint injections.


Foreign Travel Health Advice

Advice and vaccinations for foreign travel are available at the surgery. Patients should contact us stating which countries they intend to visit, the date of departure and the duration of the visit and need to complete a travel vaccination form. Some travel vaccinations incur a charge and this is because not all travel vaccinations are included in the services provided by the NHS. 


Well Woman Clinics

A weekly clinic is available for patients to see a female GP to discuss any women’s health-related concerns. There is a particular focus on fitting and replacing contraceptive coils and implants and longer appointments to discuss gynaecological concerns


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